Anderson York father of GEORGE YORK and Fred York, by trade was a blacksmith but also ran a carrier business, transporting anything that a villager needed moving, including bringing home any supplies from Northampton that the purchaser could not carry home on foot. Most villages had a carrier and the departure point in Northampton was Wood Hill. George saw the potential to transport people as well as goods and with the advent of motor transport began a bus service in 1924 rivalling the railway serving Billing Station, swapping the goods body for a bus body. He was joined at this time by brother Fred. (see Plaque 10) The venture rapidly developed into a regular bus service soon to be followed by a coach business to the East coast trading as Easy Motor Coach Co. From 1939 they operated as York Bros (Northampton) Ltd  and operated the bus service through Cogenhoe until 2011, with a short gap in the 1970s.

 The business was sold to The Bowens Group which ceased trading in 2012 thus ending a very long association of buses and coaches with the village which at one time employed a large number of Cogenhoe residents.

In 1924 George York bought a Ford Model-T one-ton truck RP173.  A few years later he had the body replaced by the bus body seen here.

Plaque 11
45 Station Road

Plaque 10 Plaque 12

The driveway seen at the left of the house led to the goods yard.

As the business grew it moved to Cogenhoe Garage and then to Short Lane.

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