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Cogenhoe’s Fallen Heroes

The story of the men from Cogenhoe who fell in the First World War

Price £15

The War Memorial Project was born out of a fervent wish to remember the ultimate sacrifice made by the young men of Cogenhoe in the Great War.. This book is a tribute to those men.

 research has been published and can be obtained from members of the

 An addendum detailing further research has been published and can be obtained from members of the committee.

A Tale of  Two Villages

Photographic memories of Cogenhoe & Whiston

Price £10

A pictorial record of the two villages showing people and places through the past and based on the first photographic exhibition held by the society during April 2008. Since then in 2010 a second exhibition was held.

A Century of Change

Cogenhoe 1901 - 2000

This hardback book was produced from the interviews of over 50 people from many walks of life who had their memories recorded. Some were born in the villages, others worked here and still more came to live here.

Voices of Cogenhoe

CD        £3.00

This CD based on the interviews is an opportunity to listen to the memories and recollections of the many people who lived in Cogenhoe and Whiston. In all over 40 villagers contributed over 60 hours of taped interviews and this was condensed into a double CD with a running time of about 120 minutes.

Our Heritage Matters

Monthly magazine about our heritage.  Free to members, you can see the contents of each issue here.