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11th April 2018

An Indecent Foreign Dance – Colin Rowe

Colin will trace the history of the waltz, its composers and the reaction of the media to this dance form.

9th May 2018

Navigation and the Quest for Longitude

- Dr John  Grubb

When sailors ventured out of sight of land, they needed a way to find their position. Many ideas were tried with variable results. Following several maritime disasters, Parliament offered a prize for a practical solution. The two main contenders were astronomical techniques and accurate clocks. John Grubb will reveal how a combination of the two was even better.

13th June 2018

History of the Music Hall – Colin Ray

An illustrated talk in which Colin will look at the origins and development of the Music Hall. The speaker will look at some of the best known performers from the middle of the 19th Century to the 1920s and 1930s. Examples of their music and songs will be played on gramophones and phonographs from the era.

11th July 2018

The Pathfinder Force 1942 - 1945

 -Kevin Dalley

At the start of the 1939 – 45 War the RAF had a limited effectiveness with Bomber Command. Kevin will explain why at first they were not winning against Germany and describes events which led up to the formation of the Pathfinder Force. With details of how the crews operated the bombers and techniques use to identify targets.

8th August 2018

Amy Wonderful Amy – Roy Smart

Roy tells the story of the magnificent Amy Johnson and her flying machines, her highs and lows, her ups and downs and how she taught herself to fly with just the basics of aviation. He unravels the mystery of her disappearance one Sunday in winter during the 1939 – 45 war.

12th September 2018

Wolverton and the Royal Train

Phil Marsh

Wolverton Railway Works opened in 1838 as the engineering HQ of the London & Birmingham Railway. It has been home to the Royal Train since 1842. The speaker, a professional railwayman for 44 years has been a railway journalist for 14 years and an author. He will give a detailed view of the works and inside the Royal Train.

2018 – 2019 Open Meetings

All meetings will be at 7.30pm in the York Room, Cogenhoe Village Hall,

York Avenue, Cogenhoe NN7 1NB unless otherwise stated.

10th October 2018

The History of Watney Mann Brewers

- Robert Vaughan

 Watney Mann was one of the Nation's largest brewers and famous for Watney's Red Barrel. Phipps Northampton Brewery Company in Bridge Street was absorbed into the global empire. Watneys Red Barrel, its most successful product then became its downfall. What happened and where has it gone? Actually you are most likely regularly supping the 'Empire's' products but under a different name. All will be revealed (but sadly not supported with products to sample) in a tale that starts in the 17th C with John Greene, via Nell Gwynne then to myself.

14th November 2018

Development of Maritime London

- Captain William Wells

We welcome back Captain Wells who this time will start his talk in the year 43AD before London was settled and why the Romans chose it. We follow the history of the city and the Port of London through various stages of development to the invaders, war, famine, plague and fire.

12th December 2018

 A Christmas Carol – Steve Dimmer

Steve Dimmer of the Inflatable Theatre Company is a great entertainer and brings us his one-man show taking us through Charles Dickens immortal tale of Christmas Carol.


19th January 2019

Pictures in the Parlour -  Kevin Varty

Kevin brings us the story of the Magic Lantern using genuine hand-painted Victorian slides including some with moving parts. An amusing evening is expected with some audience participation.

13th February 2019

The BBC and Glen Miller – David Fowler

David Fowler brings us memories of the life and times of that great man and his music and how his Big Band sound influenced our own music. We look at his life in the Bedford area and the mystery of how his plane vanished over the Channel.

13th March 2019

AGM followed by Up the Cut - Derek Harris

An amusing and informative history of the canals of England and Wales. Up the Cut is a whistle stop tour starting at the beginning of the canal age with James Brindley and the Bridgewater Canal, through the growth of commercial carrying, to its decline  and neglect.